F1 Considering Antarctica GP?

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Snow racing could be part of Ecclestone's plans as Formula One looks for the next challenge.

Formula One has been on a global expansion of late. Long considered a primarily European series, F1 has since expanded such markets as Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Turkey and India in the last few years. And in the process, it has branched out into racing in different conditions from the usual sun-kissed European circuits. Races in the Middle East have seen F1 cars dodging drifting sand dunes, Singapore has inaugurated night racing, and inclement weather has races often taking place in heavy rain.

But could F1 be gearing up for racing in the snow? According to the latest intel from the racing world, that could be exactly what's in store for Formula One as Bernie Ecclestone aims to make the spectacle that much more spectacular. In addition to the Russian Grand Prix under development, Ecclestone has reportedly been scouting other locations with heavy snowfall. While the Canadian Grand Prix takes place in Montreal during the two months of sunshine and bad skiing it calls "summer", new locations are being considered in other parts of the northern country.

Other locations under consideration include ice tracks in Scandinavia, the Himalayan mountains and even Antarctica. Though the teams are reportedly hesitant to send their cars that far and deal with the logistics, support from corporate partners that both sponsor F1 and operate research expedition teams to the South Pole could make the prospect a reality.

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