F1 Guru Crashes Gallardo

There's no question that Adrian Newey knows how to design a racecar. Driving one, on the other hand, is another issue altogether.

Adrian Newey knows a thing or two about racecars. The hugely respected F1 engineer has designed championship-winning cars for Williams, McLaren and Red Bull. As the latter's technical director, he's given Sebastian Vettel the tools for three world titles and put him on the path for a fourth. But he doesn't just design racecars, he drives them, too. Newey's raced at Le Mans, driven his own RB5 at Goodwood and competed in local racing like the Lamborghini Super Trofeo, in which he drove a Gallardo at last weekend's race at Silverstone.

Unfortunately things didn't go well, and he crashed out on the warm-up lap. It's not the first time he's crashed a racecar, though, having totaled a Ford GT40 and a Jaguar E-Type in classic races and a Ginetta G50 at Snetteron last year. Maybe he ought to stick to drawing the cars instead of driving them.

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