F1 Race Stars is Mario Kart Reborn

Video Game

Latest F1 game ditches the technical mumbo-jumbo for a more user-friendly experience that looks like childsplay, but also a lot of fun.

If you love motorsports and you love video games, there's no shortage of racing sims on the market. The trouble is that while many of them are impressively hyper-realistic, they're also rather difficult to play. The learning curve may be part of the fun, but if just want to pick up the controler and have some fun, your options were effectively limited to "Mario Kart". Codemaster's fun new racing game "F1 Race Stars", however, aims to rectify that. The latest Formula 1 game ditches the complex technical gameplay and for a more user-friendly, crowd-pleasing format.

Players can choose from bobblehead-style caricatures of any of the drivers on the grid (plus a few fictional characters). They race kart-style F1 cars on exaggerated versions of most of the circuits on the calendar that have been modified to include all sorts of special features, from power-ups and KERS boost zones to jumps and loops.

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Players can enjoy the game solo, in multiplayer mode or online. The result may not be for die-hard racing gamers, but it may be just what the casual gamer is looking for in a modern take on the classic Mario Kart formula to play on their Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Our friends over at Autoblog have a more in-depth review, so head on over to check it out.