F1 Tears Through Jerusalem

More than 60,000 spectators gathered in the holy city to experience the first ever Jerusalem Peace Road Show.

It’s one of the holiest, most contested and iconic cities the world has ever known and now it can add Formula One to its list of historic events. This past weekend, the first ever Jerusalem Peace Road Show was held, drawing a crowd of over 60,000 spectators who were treated to a demonstration of F1 cars along with drivers representing Ferrari, Mercedes, and Audi. It must have been quite the site to see with those state-of-the-art supercars and racing machines roar through the streets of the ancient city.

The enthusiasm among the crowd was so great that people reportedly cheered when the cars roared by even if they fully couldn't catch a glimpse due to the high turnout. Photos courtesy of Ilia Yefimovich and Ferrari.

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