F12 Berlinetta by Cam Shaft

By wrapping the body and powder coating the wheels, the German tuner has given Ferrari’s latest supercar a sinister new look that's decidedly different from the usual metallic red.

Ferrari's new flagship has a front-mounted 6.3-liter V12 engine good for 740 hp and, we'd argue, some of the best looking lines ever penned by Pininfarina. Given the F12 Berlinetta already has an abundance of power and beauty, all Cam Shaft did for its latest mod job was wrap the Italian supercar in a menacing shade of Matte Graphic Metallic and powder-coated the wheels in the same shade. Emphasizing the supercar's muscular lines, the complete wrap costs 2,900 Euros, plus 700 to wrap the sills and edges and another 700 for the wheels.

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Ferrari F12berlinetta Coupe
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