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While the name remains a closely guarded secret, the new Enzo's specs were revealed at a private preview in Maranello.

Last week we spied Ferrari's F150 project on the streets well hidden under plenty of heavy camo, which afforded us the opportunity to regurgitate the little info we have about the Enzo replacement. Thanks to a couple of reliable forums, namely FerrariChat and Teamspeed, we can now provide more concrete details on the supercar that Ferrari unveiled at a closed-doors event in Maranello last night. First up, the two different posts reveal that only 499 models will be produced, priced at 1.2 million Euros a piece.

Power will come from a bespoke 800-horsepower V12 engine, built to sound like an F1 engine when red-lining at 9,200 rpm, with an additional 150 hp supplemented by a Kinetic Energy Recovery System. The F150 will manage 0-62 mph in 3 seconds, 0-124 mph in 7 seconds, and hit a top speed of just over 230 mph. Ferrari F1 driver Alonso had a best lap time around Fiorano of 1:20 - beating the current record of 1:23 made in the F12 Berlinetta - and it's estimated to go around the Nurburgring in less than 7 minutes. That would smash the Gumpert Apollo's time of 7:11 and bring it close to the Radical SR8's sub-7 minute record.

There's still no official word on the official name, but according to Corse Clienti driver Tani Hanna who was at the event it will come in a choice of three colors, and weigh 1,280kg thanks to a Kevlar-protected carbon-fiber chassis. Other leaked details include 124 mph - zero braking distance of 115 meters and max torque available from 1,000 rpm. The new mid-engine hypercar will be officially launched in Geneva with deliveries to commence next December.

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