F1's Race Director Fired After Controversial Last Lap Decision

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Michael Masi has been removed as F1's racing director.

The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile, more commonly known as the FIA, has made its first controversial decision of the year. In short, Michael Masi has been fired from his job as F1's race director due to his controversial choices at the final Grand Prix of 2021.

Some argue that Masi's decision handed Verstappen the World Championship on a golden platter. Others say that Mercedes-AMG Petronas could have used the same last-minute pitting strategy as Red Bull, which would have made it easy for Lewis Hamilton to compete on that last hot lap. Alas, this decision will further split F1 fans, but at least the team principles are all happy with the decision and the new ways the FIA will use to referee the sport.

This shock announcement comes a day after the FIA revealed that sprint races would be part of F1's future.

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FIA President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, made a short announcement earlier today. He announced three structural changes, unanimously supported by F1 CEOs and teams principals.

A Virtual Race Control Room will be created to assist the race director with decision-making. This room will essentially consist of several backup referees outside any given circuit. These referees will receive a live feed of the race and a connection with the new F1 race director. The race director will likely be able to connect to them for advice, though it appears the final decision will still be the responsibility of one person.

Secondly, all radio communications between the teams and the race director are banned. The teams will still communicate with the race director via a new process. In our opinion, the constant arguing in Masi's ear played a significant role in him possibly making the wrong choice, so we stand firmly behind this rule.

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Finally, Mohammed Ben Sulayem stated that unlapping procedures behind the Aston Martin Vantage safety car would be reassessed by the F1 Sporting Advisory Committee and presented to the next F1 Commission before the start of the season. We think there's an excellent reason the final change is vague. F1 drivers and teams have complained about safety car legislation for years, mainly because some drivers get a free pitting opportunity.

Michael Masi may be out as race director, but he will be offered a new position in the FIA. He held his position for three years after the death of Charlie Whiting.

It's safe to say the new season of Drive to Survive is going to be epic. Everyone's favorite behind-the-scenes F1 drama returns on March 11. We can only hope it will provide deeper insight into that infamous final race.

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