Fab Design Brings Restyled European Exotics To The Geneva Motor Show


As well as some mild power upgrades.

A lot of tuners will offer you tuning packages which turn out enormous power numbers, but some buyers of cars that already produce quite a bit of power are more concerned with individualizing their cars, and Fab Design is here to help. Three new packages were rolled out at the Geneva Motor Show, the first being the Vayu RPR for the McLaren 12C. The package serves two fuctions, one is to make the car stand out, and the other is to make it look more like a 650S.

The result is a 12C which looks like a modified 650S, just in case the shame of owning a 12C is something you haven't been able to live down. Fab will also wring an extra 32 horsepower out of the engine, so as to be that much more like the 650S. Next up is the Shahin, a kitted version of either of the AMG variants of the Mercedes G-Class. Last is the most extreme kit, the Esquire. This is a widebody kit for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe. It's quite an unusual thing for this car, and we're not sure we like it. What are your thoughts, does this kit look good or does it go too far?

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