FAB Design's Latest 650S Looks Like A Hot Wheels Car

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Is that a good or bad thing?

The Geneva Motor Show may not be a tuner's paradise, but some tuning companies will reveal their latest projects. For FAB Design, that will include the VAYU GTR which is based off of the McLaren 650S Coupe. The Swiss tuning company unveiled the Vayu RPR in Spider form at last year's Geneva Motor Show and the latest version is meant to be the tuning company's coupe variant. Just like the Spider, the coupe is heavily modified with a host of carbon fiber parts and is easily recognizable as one of FAB Design's works.

The exterior package for the VAYU GTR is comprised of new fenders around the whole supercar, an enhanced aerodynamic front end, side skirts, along with the rear bumper that features a diffuser. As with other projects, FAB Design designed its own wheels. All of this makes the VAYU GTR look aggressive and is something that will surely draw some attention. Changes have also been made to the car's performance with an extra 32 hp over the standard 650S Coupe for a total of 673 hp. It wouldn't be a project without interior changes and FAB Design doesn't disappoint. There are a large amount of color combinations and a host of carbon fiber parts, too. Look out for the supercar at the Geneva Motor Show.

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