Fab Design Unveils Tuned Cadillac Escalade

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Swiss tuning company Fab Design, normally known for their aftermarket work on Mercedes-Benz models, has made the unusual decision to turn their attention to the Cadillac Escalade. The reason? A client specifically asked company owner Roland Rysanek to do the job. Can't argue with good customer service. The Escalade's owner is also a loyal client with several other Fab Design Mercedes as a part of his collection.

And as per the owner's request, he didn't want this Escalade to look anything like any other Escalade. He asked for the SUV to have an interior lined with snake leather. His choice also drew a lot of criticism from animal rights group Pro Wildlife, claiming too many snakes were being killed for luxury items. Rysanek responded by stating that the leather used came from snakes that were slaughtered in a humane way, without any pain. The exterior isn't quite as controversial, but it's still over-the-top.

The headlights, large grille, fog lights, taillights, rims, bumpers, wheels, and even the tailgate glass have all been modified. The 6.2-liter V8 with 409hp remains unchanged. Pricing was not revealed, but like the rest of the car, we're sure it's absolutely insane.

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