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Facebook Fans Choose Name For Mustang V6 Package

Ford recently held a contest on its Mustang Facebook page asking fans what they thought the name of the upcoming V6 Performance Package should be. There were over 3,000 submissions and almost 6,700 users installed the "You Name It" app that allowed them to vote in the contest. A total of nearly 1.4 million fans were asked to vote with the winning name being "Mayhem Mustang Package."

Jeremy Marler from North Carolina submitted the winning name suggestion and has won a three year lease on a 2012 Mustang equipped with the Package. The package includes the 305 hp V6 along with components from the Mustang GT, such as the suspension, braking and body stiffening elements. It has a near-equal front/rear weight distribution and a curb weight of under 3,500 pounds. Also included in the package is a 3.31 rear axle ratio, unique 19-inch wheels in Pirelli performance tires, and even a different calibration for the electronic stability control with sport mode for better performance.

The Mayhem Mustang Package will be used on all official sales and marketing materials. Official pricing has yet to be announced.

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