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Facebook Vote for BMW 1-Series Special Edition Paint Color

Facebook has had an active role in reshaping several Middle Eastern countries in the last 2 months. BMW has no decided to jump on board the Facebook bandwagon for a special edition version of the 1-Series Hatchback that will be sold exclusively in the Italian market. The project has been launched on the German automaker's Italian Facebook page and it is calling users to vote for their favorite design.

The winning paint scheme will be produced in collaboration with 3M on a limited run of the 1-Series, and it will be called "EDITION". The target audience BMW is going for is obvious young Italians, so BMW has announced that it will even launch the car with a special payment plan called "Youth Formula". This means that the younger you are, the lower the rate you'll be paying. Interesting new way to make young people start out adulthood in debt, but it'll be worth it, right?

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