Facel Vega Revival Resurfaces

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Plans to revive the Facel Vega come into focus with additional renderings of the new design.

Back in March we brought you initial renderings of a plan to revive the Facel Vega. Now the talents behind the project have released additional images on Facebook to keep our mouths watering. For those unfamiliar, the Facel Vega was a high-end French automobile made in the 1950s and 60s. Despite its dramatic styling, the company went belly-up when its follow-up, the Facellia, was plagued with mechanical malfunctions. But this new project could usher the nameplate into modernity.

Few details are known about the project at this point, but the images indicate a rather shapely and sharply-creased design decked out in French Racing Blue. The design calls for a 2+2 luxury GT, likely placing the engine at the front driving the rear wheels. Just what that engine might be remains to be seen, if it is built at all, but the original used a Chrysler-sourced Hemi V8. Initial rumors that the finished product would debut at the Paris Auto Salon came to naught, but that doesn't mean it couldn't still come to fruition at some point.

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