Facelifted Porsche Cayenne Gets Taycan Dash And 911 Steering Wheel

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The instrument cluster is now fully digital, and there's a 911 steering wheel, among other tidbits.

The heavily revised Porsche Cayenne will make its international debut on 18 April, which means Porsche has started a teaser campaign, kicking off with what it calls a groundbreaking display and control concept.

The Porsche Driver Experience consists of a fully digital 12.6-inch instrument cluster that removes the famous central analog tachometer. It's the first ICE Porsche to ditch this historical feature, and it will be interesting to see how loyalists respond to it. Instead of the tach, the center of the display now shows the driver's axis, while the most critical readouts are grouped around the steering wheel. According to Porsche, this creates an even more engaging driving experience.

Depending on the trim level, up to seven views are available. These include a simplified view for the basics, as well as a classic mode that transforms the display into a digital version of the five-circle instrument cluster we know and love. The driver can also override the layout and place the rev counter, navigation, or optional night vision front and center.

We include an image of the old interior below so you can compare the two side-by-side.


The revised interior borrows heavily from the Porsche Taycan. In addition to the free-standing digital instrument cluster, the Cayenne gets a redesigned center console and the latest-generation steering wheel borrowed from the 911.

Porsche moved the gear selector from its traditional spot, with this now mounted on the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel. This left the interior designers with enough room to incorporate a large air conditioning control panel housed in a glass black panel design on the center console. There's also a standalone volume knob, which should be mandatory in every car made.

Another feature borrowed from the Taycan is the optional passenger display, from where the shotgun passenger can control various features without changing the display of the main central infotainment screen. It seems silly, but it allows the driver to keep the navigation screen active while the front passenger finds the right song for whatever occasion.


The passenger can also stream media, but a unique screen filter ensures the driver can't see it. Entertainment is provided via the streaming provider Screenhits TV. You can also stream to the center display when the car is stationary.

The new steering wheel borrowed from the 911 is aesthetically pleasing and functional. The driving mode selector, controls for the (optional) head-up display, and a toggle button for the previously mentioned instrument cluster designs are now mounted on the wheel.

At the core of it all sits a 12.3-inch display housing the Porsche Communication Management. It controls various driving and comfort-related tasks, including navigation and the usual connectivity features.

The new interior is not just about tech, however. Porsche claims the new clean design emphasizes width, making the interior feel roomier. Look closely, and you'll notice that the air outlets don't have louvers, further cleaning up the overall design.


Other nifty new additions include a cooled wireless charger. Thanks to the cooling system, the system can charge up to 15 watts. Apple's Siri can now be used to operate several vehicle functions, and there are two USB-C ports in the front and another two in the rear. All USB ports support fast charging, and your teenagers will love you for it.

While Porsche calls this a facelift, the upcoming Cayenne is basically a new car. It will launch with three plug-in hybrid derivatives and a new chassis.

There's a good reason this facelift is so substantial. This will be the last ICE-powered Cayenne before the SUV swaps to Porsche's Modular PPE Platform and goes fully electric in 2026. A year later, Porsche will introduce a new all-electric halo SUV that will slot in above the Cayenne.

It seems the only model that may benefit from Porsche's new synthetic fuel venture is the 911, which makes sense as the German brand is aiming for an 80/20 split between EVs and ICE vehicles.


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