Facelifted Subaru BRZ Lacks Power But Wins On Looks


We like it in every way, well besides that whopping power output.

The Subaru BRZ really is a good car, but as every car guy out there knows, it seriously lacks power. When we first heard about the facelift coming for 2017 we got really excited, only to find out about the increase could only be described as bullshit. When official details on the facelifted BRZ emerged, we weren't really surprised that the power increase was equivalent to going for a drive on an icy winter's night - a whopping, unfathomable 5 hp. FIVE. Changes were still plenty though, oddly.

More details and images of the 2017 Subaru BRZ have now been released, and it does look good. There's 205 hp on tap with 156 lb-ft of torque (200 hp and 151 lb-ft on the auto model) after changing the cylinder heads, camshaft, valvetrain, aluminum intake manifold and redesigned exhaust manifold. To further improve on the handling the 2017 BRZ has updated coil springs and dampers with a more purposeful rear stabilizer bar. Strut tower braces, a transmission cross-member plate and new rear wheel housings add to the improved torsional rigidity of the chassis. Two models can be had, the Premium and the Limited, both with the same new spec but the latter has an option of a Performance Package.

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The 2017 BRZ was set to go on sale in September at a starting price of $25,495 but it's been kept pretty quiet for some reason. A whole host of new images of the facelifted BRZ have now been released, and it's our duty to show them to you, because that's what we do. Even with low power, the car does look good, the aluminum rear spoiler is a welcome addition and the model featuring the optional Performance Package shows off the Brembo brake upgrade through the good-looking stock wheels. If we were to choose one for ourselves to kick around with, it would be the original WR Blue Pearl color. After that we'd hit up a tuner and give the car the power it so desperately needs to have.