Facelifted Tesla Model 3 Performance Coming With New Electric Motor

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It will reportedly be powered by a new 5D1 electric motor.

Tesla revealed the updated Model 3 just a few weeks ago without mentioning anything about the Performance model, but the range-topping variant is coming.

According to documents shared on the Tesla Fahrer Und Freunde forum, the new Model 3 Performance is set to receive a new motor, as denoted by the "T" designation in the VIN. While the Long Range model is powered by the 3D3/3D7 electric motor combo, the Performance is equipped with the 3D3/5D1 configuration.

Tesla hasn't released any information on the new setup, but rumors suggest the 5D1 motor will use a carbon sleeve rotor for enhanced performance. We suspect the updated Model 3 Performance will be more powerful than the current model with its 430-horsepower output.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Rear Angle View Tesla 2024 Tesla Model 3 Front Angle View Tesla
2024 Tesla Model 3 Rear Angle View
2024 Tesla Model 3 Front Angle View

Per CarNewsChina, information released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows the single-motor RWD derivative produces 256 hp. The dual-motor AWD derivative produces 437 hp. This is presumably the Performance model. If this is the case, then Tesla hasn't fiddled with the power outputs much.

Let's not forget that the Model 3 Highland is reportedly 140 pounds lighter than the outgoing derivative. Not only will this have a positive effect on performance, but the range has improved as well.

According to the WLTP estimates, the Standard Range RWD model can travel 14 miles further on a single charge. The Long Range AWD sees an even more significant improvement, from 374 to 391 miles. We assume the Performance variant will also receive a bump in range. The more aerodynamic design plays a big part in these improved figures.


It's unclear when the updated Model 3 will be offered in the United States. The automaker is already accepting orders for the Highland variant in other markets, such as Australia and Europe. North American Tesla sites still preview the outgoing model, but we expect the automaker to switch to the new model shortly. Various reports suggest the Model 3 Highland will reach our shores in early 2024, likely once existing inventory has dwindled.

While this is merely speculation, there could be a surplus of new pre-facelift Model 3s that Tesla is hoping to get rid of. A quick look at Tesla Inventory shows multiple factory fresh examples for sale, so expect some generous discounts in the coming weeks and months.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Dashboard Tesla 2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior Overview Tesla
2024 Tesla Model 3 Dashboard
2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior Overview

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2024 Tesla Model 3 Rear Angle View 2024 Tesla Model 3 Front Angle View 2024 Tesla Model 3 Dashboard 2024 Tesla Model 3 Interior Overview

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