Fact: The Ferrari F40 Has One Of History's Best Exhaust Notes


This is three minutes of pure aural bliss.

Nowadays you can engineer a car to sound like almost anything. The Jaguar F-Type S sounds outstanding but its exhaust note isn't exactly organic. The same goes for the all-new BMW M2. Not so long ago we lived in a time when exhaust notes weren't tuned. This made cars that sounded great, like the Ferrari F40, even more special. To celebrate that time long ago there's this: Three minutes of a yellow Ferrari F40 being flung around a track. The actual track footage is minimal: It's all about the sweet noise this supercar makes.

The twin-turbo 2.9-liter V8 may make pedestrian power numbers by today's standards but it still sound astounding. There aren't that many stock yellow Ferraris in the world, which makes this video even more enjoyable.

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