Factory Five is More Than Just Kit Cars

Is it possible for a kit car to be just as fast around a track as a Lamborghini Gallardo?

Factory Five is one the mostexclusive kit car companies out there today. In fact, it’s sometimes difficultto consider its products "kit cars" because of their high quality, durabilityand perhaps most of all, their ridiculous power outputs. Owners can order thekit components and assemble everything in their own garages, which is reallywhat a true hot-rodder does. On this latest episode of Hot Rod Unlimited, the crew gets behind the wheel of four Factory Five cars on the quarter-mile dragstrip.

Although three of the four are considered Shelby replicas, they are still loud, obnoxious and wicked fast. But how do these Factory Five cars compare to the Lamborghini Gallardo in terms of performance and value?

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