Factory Five Racing

Factory Five's LS7-Powered GTM Kit Supercar Doing Donuts And Spitting Flames

Once Called “The Fastest Car You Will Ever Build in Your Garage.”

There are boutique supercars and then there are garage supercars. Factory Five is already a leader in kit car replicas of Shelby Cobras and Daytonas, as well as '33 Ford Coupe hot rods. But there is also a kit to build your own supercar, taking the sort of thing that companies like Caterham do to a much bigger extreme. The car is called the GTM and it is powered here by a 7-liter GM-sourced naturally aspirated V8 making an undisclosed amount of power.

There is some flexibility in your choice of engines, but the car is based off of a Corvette donor, so Vette-compatible engines obviously work best.

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