Factory Fresh Ferrari 488 GTB Crashes After 69 Miles

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The driver wasn't even insured.

Ferrari fans have been doing plenty of supercar mourning lately. After recovering from the loss of a rare Ferrari F40 prototype being burnt to a cinder, a factory fresh 488 GTB has now been wrecked in Northern Ireland with only 69 miles on the clock. Photos of the smashed-up supercar posted by Seacat Belfast show the aftermath of the accident in which the driver lost control and ended up in a ditch not long after receiving delivery of the brand new supercar.

If it wasn't already bad enough that the 488 GTB had only survived 69 miles in pristine condition, the driver was apparently uninsured. The passenger side of the 488 GTB looks to have taken the brunt of the impact, as the passenger door is completely caved in, though there is also damage to the windshield and front bumper. Still, the damage doesn't look too extensive and should be repairable – though without insurance, it's bound to be expensive. Exactly what caused the accident isn't known, but we can probably assume that excessive speed and a lack of supercar driving experience played a part.

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