FAIL: Buying A Lamborghini On Craigslist Is The Worst Idea Ever

In case you didn't already know.

So if something sounds way too good to be true then, as the saying goes, it probably is. However, apparently the people in this video didn’t get the message. That’s why when they saw a white Lamborghini Huracan posted for sale on Craigslist for only $40,000, they thought that they’d stumbled upon the deal of a lifetime. Any car fan would immediately recognize that something wasn't quite right because the listing is for a Huracan and the car pictured is a Gallardo. Also, the price is just ridiculously low.

That's why these gullible potential buyers were in for a major buzzkill upon arranging to meet with the seller. Perhaps they’ll be a little more cautious next time they try do get a discount supercar on Craigslist. Check out the video to see why.

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