Fail Friday: Chinese Woman Confuses Gas Pedal for Brake, Goes through the Wall

Somewhere in Guandong a man is shaking his head in frustration.

A woman in China got confused while trying to park her car. Since the menial task of hitting the brake and shifting the tranny into park is a delicate and very precise process, it makes sense that she accidentally mistook the accelerator for the brake pedal. The result? Driving her husband's Mazda6 right through a wall. The last generation Mazda6 seen in these photos in Guandong, China, is in surprisingly good shape for a car that has just gone straight through a wall.

Writer FrankF from ChinaCarTimes so eloquently put it, "there doesn't seem to be much damage to the front end of the 6, so perhaps she has to thank terribly poor construction practices for saving her from a major repair bill."

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