FAIL: Guy Who Destroyed A McLaren Now Damages Super Rare CLK GTR


This is painful to watch.

Successful entrepreneur Ben Chen is no stranger to the supercar scene. The high rolling businessman has carved out a serious reputation for being a major car enthusiast. He's also simultaneously developed a reputation for treating expensive cars like disposable toys and for being highly critical of their manufacturers. Only a couple of years ago Chen completely totaled a $230,000 McLaren MP4-12C during the Gold Rush Rally. He also trash talked Swedish car manufacturer Koenigsegg, when he called his $1.6 Million Agera R "a hunk of shit."

Well, it would now seems as if Mr. Chen is back at it again. He was recently filmed during Monterey Car Week in an ultra-rare (1 of 25) Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, scraping the front bumper without a care in the world.

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