FAIL: How To Teach An Illegally Parked Lamborghini A Lesson

London cops are not impressed by your supercar.

The ticket marshals in London do not mess around when it comes to illegally parked supercars. Only a week ago we saw a Bugatti Veyron in the British capital being slapped with a fat ticket on its windshield after the owner was caught double parking. The latest supercar culprit caught on camera illegally parking on the London streets is a beautiful black Lamborghini Aventador. Apparently the owner of the car had only gone to run a quick errand and did not intend to leave his car for too long.

His friends can even be heard pleading with the ticket marshal and explaining that their buddy would be back soon. However, the yellow vested law enforcer was totally unfazed and unleashed his wrath on the Lambo.

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