FAIL: Is This The Worst Car Towing Company Ever?

Warning: stupid people alert.

Towing a car is a simple process, right? In theory, yes, but there are plenty of dumb people walking among us. This tow truck driver is one of them. And you know what? So is the car’s driver. Both failed. Miserably. The small white sedan somehow managed to veer off the road and drive into a massive hole in the ground, likely a construction site. That’s Mr. Dumb #1. Enter Mr. Dumb #2. They didn’t attach the car properly to the tow truck brought into rescue Mr. Dumb #1’s car. The mind reels.

So if you’re ever in a jam and your car requires the services of a towing company, hopefully they actually know what they’re doing. Otherwise, well, it won’t end well.

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