Fail of the Day Friday: Bentley Runs a Red in Ukraine, Hits Cop and a Merc


Seven cars and one policeman felt the brunt of negligent Bentley driving in Kiev.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has around 3,000,000 residents. As one of the more important areas in Eastern Europe in terms of industry, science, education and culture, one resident has managed to out himself as the village idiot by running a red light. Running a red light might not seem like the most grievous of offenses, however when you are driving a 2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur and crash said vehicle into a policeman and seven other vehicles, you are indeed, sir, branded an idiot.

The two most prominent members of the crash, which occurred last month, were a Mercedes-Benz CL550 and the aforementioned police officer (who was directing traffic at the time).

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The cop only suffered a broken leg, though it could have easily been much worse. Amongst the injured vehicles were a Toyota Rav4, Volvo S60 and a Vaz. Photos courtesy of avtopoligon.