Fail of the Day: Mercedes Sporting a Bugatti Veyron Body Kit

Presenting the world's first Mercedes-Benz-Bugatti-Veyron four-door sedan.

Yes, we all know the Bugatti Veyron is insanely expensive. The base model has a starting price of $1.7 million and the record-setting Super Sport costs a staggering $2.3 million. Powered by a 1,200hp W16 engine, the all-wheel-drive coupe is worth the money. While not exactly chump change, it's not surprising there's been a host of replicas and body kits out there. Some turn out decent while others are just plain terrible. This is one of them.

Taking an old Mercedes-Benz sedan and adding a Veyron-like body kit is not exactly the classiest thing one could do to their car, but the end result here is simply hideous. This car was photographed on the streets of Bosnia and while there's nothing wrong with being a Veyron fan, it hurts the eyes to see something like this. So the message here is clear: don't add a Veyron body kit to your car - ever. The results are never good.

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