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FAIL: Shelby GT 350 Driver Shows Us How Not To Do It At The Nurburgring

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Another Mustang bites the dust. Thankfully only egos were hurt this time.

The current-generation Mustang is the best-handling and most refined in the model's long history. Apparently, nobody has told their owners this as the web is full of videos of Mustangs crashing in a variety of situations.

While many Mustangs tend to come to a sticky end sliding sideways out of a Cars and Coffee event, some owners listen to the YouTube comments and take it to the track instead. Where they go on to prove that owning a performance car does not automatically improve your driving skills too.

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This video of yet another Mustang meeting an untimely demise on track was taken at the Nurburgring, a venue that can tax even the best cars and drivers.

The red Mustang in the video is the track-honed Shelby GT350, a car that should not only be quick for a pony car but be able to see off some properly quick European sports cars too. What makes this video a bit different is that it captures what must be the very first accident involving a Mustang where the driver is not sliding backwards into the barriers, this car seemingly understeered off the track instead.

Obviously, driver error was the sole issue here. From what we can tell he came in too hot, missed the apex and then decided not to correct his line and just carried on going until the trackside barrier called an end to the fun. The driver and passenger walked away unharmed, while the GT350 suffered damage to its left side with the front left wheel and some body panels clearly needing a bit of TLC to get back to factory spec.

The barrier took a bit of a knock too and was soon replaced so that the day's events could continue. The car is most likely to be back on the road soon too, but we doubt it will be heading to the Nurburgring again in a hurry. Perhaps its owner should stick to Cars and Coffee meets after all.