FAIL: Stranded Pagani Dragged Off Beach By Used Honda

Oh, the shame!

This Pagani Huayra is apparently so unique, it boasts the unusual distinction of being ‘1 of 1 of 1.’ The nondescript owner, @sparky18888, has also called his ride “The King.” Well, last weekend, this particular member of supercar royalty needed some assistance from a commoner in the shape of a Honda CR-V. The Italian hypercar was stuck on the gravel beside a lake somewhere in upstate New York, which the owner decreed would be a nice spot for a photoshoot.

After numerous failed attempts at pushing the Pagani out of the gravel, it was left to a lowly Honda to come to the multi-million-dollar hypercar's aid. According to yellofly, who recorded the moment of shame on video, the Pagani was saved without a scratch. The owner, however, was presumably left with a permanent mental scar.

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