Failed Burnout Sprays Burning Fuel Into Crowd

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And then it ignited.

This is one of the absolute last things you'd ever want to be part of or bear witness to. The Guardian reports that during a Red CentreNATS drag racing event last weekend in Australia, a participating car was doing a burnout when suddenly it sent burning fuel directly into a crowd of spectators. It was all captured on video. The flames literally showered on to people and one person was left critically injured. In fact, a father and son both suffered burns to 20 percent of their bodies, but it's unknown which of the two is in worse shape.

A total of 12 people were burned, and fortunately most are okay, but things could have been much worse if more fuel had spilled. Event organizers immediately shut everything down and both police and fire departments are investigating.

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It's possible the car itself had a fuel leak and as it did the burnout, that fuel acted like rain. Another possibility is that the fuel was already on the ground directly in front of the crowd. It only took a car with hot tires to ignite it. In any case, aside from the vehicle and track safety lesson to be learned, another one is crowd control. Specifically, proper distance between people and the track is essential.

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