Failed J-Turn Proves Why Range Rovers Make Terrible Stunt Vehicles

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The driver probably didn't note this important piece of advice: Don't try this at home.

Trial and error. It's the way life tries, fails and evolves (natural selection, you know) and how people learn most of life's important lessons. Typically, the error part of that process comes too quickly for any sort of correction to occur. Halfway throughout the fall, you've just gotta bite the bullet and accept you messed up or in the case of this neighborhood stunt driver, halfway through a violent rollover on a suburban home's front lawn after a failed attempt at a J-turn.

There isn't much wrong with a J-turn itself. Gun it in reverse, yank the steering wheel to forcibly commence a spin, shift into drive about halfway through the turn, right the wheel to regain control and drive off like the budding stunt driver that you are. It all seems so simple, except that being in a lumbering SUV changes things-dynamically speaking.

What's wrong about this J-turn, aside from the fact that the driver moronically decides to pull it off in the middle of a residential neighborhood, is the choice of vehicle. It's a terrible idea to pull off a maneuver that exerts high g force on a car with a high center of gravity. The owner of this Land Rover Range Rover learns their physics lesson the hard way by damaging their SUV and likely getting into some sort of legal trouble. At least the only thing badly hurt was this driver's ego, which seems like it can stand some trimming in either case.

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