Fake Lamborghini Aventador Gets Under Chinese Cops Skin

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A fake Lamborghini in China?! Whoever heard of such a thing?

A replica Lamborghini is nothing new, but when one is based off an old Hyundai then it's something to laugh about. Not everyone thinks doing something like this is funny, however. That everyone, would in this case, be the Chinese police. Upon completing the fakery job, the "Lambo's" owner put the car on display in a parking lot with a For Sale sign. He was curious to see how much someone would be willing to pay for the thing. Or perhaps he was just trying to dupe someone into buying a fake Aventador.

Whatever his motivations may have been, the Chinese police soon came by not to put in an offer, but to confiscate the car because it didn't have license plates. The police didn't know whether it was a stolen vehicle or not. The owner had to pay a fine to get it back and some points were taken off his license as well. No word yet on whether someone was suckered into buying the thing. Hap tip to Zhao M.

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