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Family Feuds Are A Good Thing When It's a War Between Nissans

If only your family reunions were this much fun.

Usually wars within families involve altered wills, restraining orders, and awkward holidays, but when the wars are within car families, things get a lot more fun. This particular rivalry involves some of the best from Nissan's SEMA lineup. The angry warring relatives include a NISMO 370Z, a 1970 Datsun 240Z powered by a twin-turbo GT-R engine, and an ethanol-powered GT-R making 1,100 horsepower. Things get even more interesting when the crazy uncle shows up in the form of a Nissan trophy truck.

Staying true to the family genes, all four cars have six cylinders. Watch and learn which of the cars makes the most out of its six-pots of fury.

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