Family Wagons of the Future


These ain't the old family station wagon.

The minivan may not be the sexiest vehicle segment on the road, but they're great if you want to study the evolution of automotive design. The evolution of the minivan has been driven by the ever-changing modern family. Chances are good that the minivans of 10 years from now will look nothing like the ones on the market today. Continue reading below if you want a sneak peek at the (possible) vans of the immediate and far-off future.

The Fiat 600 Multipla Vorto is a futuristic minivan with an intentionally retro look. The Multipla Vorto was designed by Ali Cam as a modern update of the Fiat 600 mini-minivan. The Multipla Vorto has an ultra-modern interior highlighted by its spaceship-like controls and rotating passenger seat.

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Citroën's far-out Tubik minivan concept debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show en route to soccer practice in the year 3000. The Tubik is powered the company's Hybrid4 technology, with a diesel engine powering the front wheels and an electric engine powering the back wheels. Maximum occupancy is nine and mohawked models clad in all-white come standard.

Nissan is slowly cementing its stranglehold as the world's most electrifying automaker with its e-nv200 concept. This concept is powered by an 80kW synchronous motor and has seating for five. This plug-in minivan has a contemporary exterior contrasted by an LCD instrument panel with touch functionality.

MINI's latest concept, the Clubvan, is set to debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. In true MINI fashion, the design has been revealed weeks before the start of the show. The Clubvan has two seats and five doors. The van is designed more for business folk than families, but you have to wonder if MINI would consider making a family wagon should the Clubvan enjoy substantial critical and sales success.