Famous London Hotel Parking Lot Is Crammed Full Of Exotic Metal

Even for a luxury hotel, this isn't something you see every day.

Grosvenor House is one of a few seriously luxurious hotels built in London during the prosperity of the Twenties. It was recently bought by Marriot, who seem to be maintaining the high level of service as before. As evidence of this, we bring you a video of the parking lot, which contains a couple of million pounds worth of exotic cars from around the world (but mostly Dubai). People with the money to stay anywhere seem to stay at Grosvenor House.

You do expect to see nice cars at a hotel where rooms start at £424 ($665) a night and serve the likes of dignitaries, celebrities like Noel Gallagher and royalty like Prince Harry, but this is still quite an impressive collection. It’s also nice to see supercars in London doing anything other than getting ticketed.

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