Famous YouTuber Salomondrin's McLaren Senna Goes Up In Flames


Salomondrin claims the car wasn't involved in a crash.

The McLaren Senna is currently being delivered to lucky owners and we have already witnessed two of the 500 cars involved in accidents. The first car hit a wall in Germany just hours after it was delivered while the second Senna crash happened in the UK, involving two other vehicles. Now, a third McLaren Senna appears to be destroyed, this time because of a fire incident rather than a collision.

Fans of the YouTuber Salomondrin may instantly recognize this Senna due to its unique grey, yellow, and green paint scheme. Alejandro Salomon, the man known as Salomondrin, says the car was not involved in a crash prior to going up in flames.

Salomondrin via YouTube
Salomondrin via YouTube
Salomondrin via YouTube

Judging by the pictures, we'll take Salomon's word because the Senna doesn't appear to have any accident damage in the front or rear. Instead, the fire appears to have originated from the engine bay, where the car now looks like a melted mess. The fire quickly spread to the interior, which now looks completely ruined. Amazingly, the front end of the car appears to be rather untouched, meaning a fire crew was likely able to put out the blaze before the entire car was destroyed.

Salomondrin via YouTube

These photos were shown on Salomondrin's Instagram story, though the YouTuber has yet to make any statements about what happened to the car. The fire happened just days after Salomindrin took delivery of the Senna and posted a video on YouTube. On the human side, we hope Salomondrin wasn't harmed in the fire and we are sure his insurance will cover the damages.

On the business side, we have to wonder what went wrong with the McLaren in order for it to catch fire. Supercar fires are too common for our liking and it seems like an issue automakers need to fix once and for all. Salomondrin's Senna was number 170 out of 500 and it looks like it may never hit the road again.

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