Fancy This Special Ford GT Racing Livery? You Have To Meet This Criteria


Here's a clue: top executives at Ford have specified their GTs in this stunning "Victory" racing livery.

Ford is notoriously strict when it comes to allowing people to buy its GT supercar. You have to go through a rigorous application process, and if you're lucky enough to be allocated a build slot and can afford the $450,000 asking price, you'll have some difficult decisions to make like choosing the wheels and interior trims. You also have a choice of eight standard paint colors, but you won't see this special "Victory" paint scheme on the options list. John Cena certainly can't have one.

Why? Because you have to be a Ford employee to earn that privilege. Photos posted on the Ford GT forum show the special Victory edition of the GT finished in Liquid Red, Lightning Blue and Frozen White matching the 2018 Ford GT LM GTE race car's livery. It also sports additional GT logos on the sides and has the Stars and Stripes flag proximately adorning the front of the doors, just in case you forgot the GT is an all-American supercar. The result looks stunning on a road-going supercar. This GT posing for photos posted by Ford GT Forums belongs to executive vice president and president of Ford North America Raj Nair, who came up with the reborn GT program.

Executive chairman Bill Ford and former CEO Mark Fields also specified their GTs with the Victory livery using the 2016-2017 racing team colors to distinguish them from Nair's GT. And just to make it even more special, Nair's GT is the first to roll off the production line for the 2018 model year. Ford has so far committed to building 250 GTs in 2017 and 2018, and plans to do the same for two more years. That makes it considerably rarer than the previous-gen GT, as Ford built 4,000 units between 2004 and 2006.

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