Faraday Future Facing $1.8 Million Lawsuit


A lawsuit is exactly what Faraday Future doesn't need right now.

Oh dear. The reveal of the futuristic FF 91 probably hasn't gone as well as Faraday Future would have hoped. No sooner was it making headlines for its record-breaking 0-60 mph time, it was being mocked for getting stage fright during its live demonstration. And then Tesla promptly smashed the very record Faraday has been bragging about. According to Jalopnik, the company is now facing a $1.8 million lawsuit, just to lift its spirits a little higher.

The lawsuit has been filed by special effects company The Mill Group, claiming that Faraday Future hasn't paid the full amount for its work on a reveal presentation for the FF 91 incorporating "virtual reality, augmented reality, and holographic components, to promote the January 2017 launch of a new electric vehicle deployed by Faraday." The six-page complaint details that Faraday Future apparently agreed to pay The Mill Group $1.82 million back in August in three separate sums. To date, it has only paid $20,000. Both Faraday Future and The Mill Group refused to comment on the situation.


"Faraday has repeatedly acknowledged that it accepts the sums owing to The Mill and its intention to pay," the complaint says. "However, despite repeated requests for payment and promises by Faraday to pay, funds have not been received. Instead, Faraday has only paid $20,000.00 to the Mill, leaving a total outstanding balance in the amount of $1,802,750.00." Sources have since told Jalopnik that the 3D car presentation was designed to show off the car to "bigwigs or celebrity type people" and was due to be shown before CES, but had to be stopped due to the lack of money. It isn't clear exactly how much of the presentation was completed.

The lawsuit comes as yet another big blow for Faraday Future, which is already suffering financial setbacks which led to production of its $1 billion Nevada factory being postponed. At CES, Faraday Future remained adamant that construction would relaunch in the coming weeks. It also makes you wonder if the various promotional images and videos of the FF 91 are real or computer-generated.

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