Faraday Future FF 91 Promotional Video Makes 1,000-HP Look Boring

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1,000 horsepower and no action.

The ferocious work ethic of Elon Musk and his unwillingness to bend to the naysayers has brought us impressive electric Teslas that are challenging the role of automobile as we know it, but it's also led the CEO to lose quite a bit of employee talent. Some of that talent has broken away and started its own automotive company, which we know as Faraday Future. While the young company has not gone without its hardships, Faraday Future has released this video of the FF 91 cruising on winding roads.

Aside from its standard promotional purposes, it isn't too clear why Faraday Future decided to unveil this video because at current, the company seems to have quite a bit to worry about before it gets a running production model out on the road. Of course, the fact that it's trying to drum up investment dollars could be the motive since any sort of publicity is a help.

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It's strange then that the video seems to show the FF 91 cruising calmly along in the city and on winding roads at legal speeds because this piece of machinery is supposedly endowed with 1,000 horsepower and capable of a 0-60 mph rush in only 2.39 seconds. For a vehicle that's stated to cost almost $300,000, one would expect the ability to comfortably cruise in the city but tear it up competition pavement. Despite the jab at Tesla about 0:34 into the minute-long video, we see no scenes of drag strip dominance taking place. Whenever the FF 91 does "Emerge," let's hope its promotional videos do include a few head-in-headrest acceleration runs to give us an idea of what the FF 91 is capable of.

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