Farady Future 'Global CEO' Jumps Ship Right Before Big CES Reveal

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Faraday Future may have lost its third big exec in a week.

Faraday Future is expected to unveil its first production model at CES in Las Vegas next week. That's the good news. The bad news is that the Chinese electric car company cannot stop losing top executives. The Verge is reporting that the company's "global CEO," Ding Lei, has departed. Faraday Future is one of many company's under the LeEco umbrella. When reached for comment by The Verge, an LeEco spokesperson said that Lei was still part of the company as the "co-founder and global vice chairman of SEE Plan."

The SEE Plan is part of LeEco's own automotive ambitions and appears to be a project separate from Faraday Future. We know, it's confusing. If Lei is indeed no longer part of Faraday Future his departure would mark the third major exec to leave the company in a week's time. The Verge reported the resignations of both Marco Mattiacci and Joerg Sommer last week. Mattiacci used to be CEO of Ferrari North America and also headed the company's F1 team. He was working as the global chief brand and commercial officer at Faraday Future. Sommer had worked at both Renault and Volskwagen before joining the Chinese automaker as its vice president of product marketing and growth.

There's a chance these two men resigned because they were about to be fired. Given the financial trouble Faraday Future is in it seems more likely that they decided to jump ship before things hit the fan for real. It's hard to argue the company isn't screwed if Lei did indeed follow them out the door/was moved to another division a week before the big CES reveal. Should things go south we'll always have a cool concept car and that cool drag race teaser video to remember Faraday Future by.

Faraday Future
Faraday Future

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