Classic Cars

Farah Reveals Canepa Design's Amazing Car Collection

Got a spare few million for a grade A classic? Canepa Design probably has one in stock.

Canepa Design is one of the best-known names in the restoration business and for The Smoking Tire’s first episode of “Collectors Edition,” the venerable Matt Farah takes a look at the company’s outstanding privately-restored car collection. From a very exquisite to equally valuable vintage Duesenberg through classic Porsches, including a selection of 959s and Mercedes 300SL Gullwings, to thoroughbred Can-Am and LeMans winning race cars, there must be literally hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of metal on display here.

And they are all for sale. While you ponder how you’ll never be able to afford one, check out the walk-around vid with Farah doing the voiceover.

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