Farah: Subaru R-STi with JDM or USDM Swap?

Tuned is back with a pair of Subaru R-STi's: one with the JDM 2.0-liter STi swap, one with the USDM 2.5-liter turbo STi swap. Matt Farah heads to the mountain to check them out.

Not only did it take a few years for the Subaru WRX to touchdown in the US but the worldwide trip was made exclusively by the 2.5RS variant. So a popular upgrade for the car was a “R-STi” drivetrain swap. In the first episode of the Drive channel’s Tuned, Matt Farah hooks up with two guys that at a quick glance appear to have the same Subie. In fact, one has the JDM 2.0-liter turbo ST swap, the other a USDM 2.5-liter turbo STi.

There’s a lot to appreciate about both: stealth and style vs. speed and noise. Check out the video and decide which you’d prefer.

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