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Farah Takes on Turner Motorsports M3s

Matt Farah heads to Monticello to drive a pair of BMW M3s customized to road and track specifications by Turner Motorsports.

Turner Motorsports recently brought a pair of optimized BMW M3s to the Monticello Motor Club for a test drive by Tuned host Matt Farah. First on the list was a 535-horsepower Frozen edition M3, followed by an E92 M3 racer. Farah notes that Turner Motorsports focuses more on driving dynamics more than just raw horsepower. 535 seems like a huge number to begin with, but as Farah demonstrates, the Frozen M3 was built with much more in mind than just straight-line speed.

The 2011 Continental Tire Series Championship-winning #96 E92 M3 race car, driven by Bill Auberlin and Paul Dalla Lana, is a much different proposition. Check them both out in the video below.

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