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Farah Takes the Audi RS7 to Nevada

Where else can the RS7 stretch its legs in the US?

Without an Autobahn equivalent, testing the Audi RS7 in the US is no easy task. Unless, that is, you go to the Nevada desert. So when Audi invited Matt Farah to test drive its new super sedan, Vegas was the only place to go in order to exploit the car’s full potential. As you’ll see from the vid, the RS7 has exceptional performance thanks to its 560-hp 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8. While that's as much as a Ferrari 458 Italia, it comes with just a fraction of the experience.

It’s a beautiful, refined car and in most places in the world, too quick for its own good. If you want a big, roomy, rapid sedan, then the RS7 can deliver, but the Audi S8 is probably the car to go for.

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