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Farah Takes Two Miatas to the Track

Test Drive / 23 Comments

And drives one of them like a chump.

What's the only real problem with a Mazda Miata? It has embarrassing straight line speed. That slight sticking point aside, the best-selling sports car of all time is a hoot to drive on both road and track. It's lightweight, agile and corners beautifully. Given this is Matt Farah on Tuned, we know these are no ordinary Miatas. One happens to be an official CJ Wilson Racing MX5 race car, and the other is a 1992 variant fitted with a 4.0-liter V8 borrowed from a Lexus.

Farah has no problem piloting the latter, but having squeezed his considerable bulk into the race car he soon wishes he had both the skills and size of Chris Harris to take it around a cold, wet track.

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