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Farewell to the Acura TSX in North America?

Acura debates whether to drop the TSX from its North American line-up of sedans.

Instead of reinventing the TSX, Acura may look to completely erase it from their North American line-up as part of a new model strategy. When the TSX was first introduced in the North American market, it provided a luxury sports sedan that could also offer front-wheel drive. Since then, the TSX has lost some of its appeal. Acura is now looking to introduce a Civic-like RSX sedan to this market that would result in the company having two smaller front-wheel drive sedans.

Acura also plans to call for the TL to decrease in size in order to avoid a lot of competition with their flagship RL. The end result of these changes could push the TSX out entirely. Although nothing is decisive yet, Honda is heavily considering making these significant changes to the Acura lineup. What could save the TSX is that it's based on the Euro-market Accord, meaning the automaker already has its R&D expenses mostly covered.

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