Farmkhana: Traktor Terror Lays Down Donuts While Eating Donuts

Gymkhana comes to the farm.

During the long, cold, dark winter days, apart from spending as much time under the covers as possible Swedes sit around concocting the most mental way to enjoy the outdoors once it’s warm enough to leave the house. That’s what we reckon. Another wild assumption about our Scandinavian friends is that quite a lot of them are mad. Just look at what Rickard Nilsson can do with a tractor. He drives for the Vianor factory team and can be seen here ripping around in a high-powered farm machine.

Driving the Traktor Terror, he does smoky burnouts, eats donuts while laying down donuts, and even flips the thing before getting straight back up and carrying on as if nothing happened. Watching those massive rear wheels smoke up is awesome. Check it out.

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