Fashion Mogul Tommy Hilfiger Flipping His Ferrari Enzo

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And it has super low mileage.

New York-born Tommy Hilfiger is one of those iconic American businessman who worked his ass off chasing success, and he got it very, very right. Since starting Tommy Hilfiger Corporation in 1985 he's been one of the most successful fashion designers in the world and the company now turns over a measly annual revenue of just $6.7 billion. Yes, billion. That means his take home paycheck must have more than a few zeros on it, and that money needs to be spent. Enter his 2003 Ferrari Enzo.

The Ferrari Enzo is a pretty rare car with just 400 examples in existence. Well it started at 349, but the super rich begged for more and so Ferrari added another 50 units. That makes 399, the 400th one is arguably the most special of the lot as it was made in 2005 for a rather special person - His Holiness Pope John Paul II. No, he never drove it, instead the Vatican auctioned it off, probably because the smallest state in the world has no space to get the Enzo out of 1st gear. That car fetched a cool $1.1 million, although it's been seen for sale for between $4 million and $6 million. The rarity of these cars has made them very sought after, so this one up for sale is worth big money, and being car 399 makes it special.

Of course that fact that this Enzo has just 3622 miles on the clock and the fact that it belonged to Tommy Hilfiger makes it even more desirable. There's no reserve price listed at RM Auctions where the car is for sale, but if current pricing looks to be between $2.3 million and $3.4 million then this one could possibly be closer to $4 million. Boxer Floyd Mayweather's #295 Enzo fetched $3.8 million, which many thought was too much at the time, so this #399 car from Tommy Hilfiger may just fetch a little more. That's a lot of money, even if the car is rare and features a 6.0-liter V12 that produces 651 hp and 485 lb-ft of torque that can rocket the car to 100 mph in 6.6 seconds with a monstrous top end of 221 mph. Someone will pay.

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