Fast And Furious 9 Director Wants To Go To Space

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As long as it make sense.

The Fast 9 trailer is live and it looks spectacular. Besides your run of the mill drifting shots, sexy ingenues and gun and fist fights, this time, it's all about magnets. Okay, the whole movie isn't about magnets, but we do see the main antagonist Jakob Toretto jump a Mustang GT off a cliff and get caught by a plane with a magnet. We also get Dom and the crew alternating between sucking cars to themselves, then blowing them away...when the polarity is reversed? We guess?

At any rate, it's Justin Lin's return to the franchise after directing Tokyo Drift, Fast & Furious, Fast Five and Fast 6. He's the writer, director and producer on Fast 9, and did an interview with Access Hollywood about the current state of the series, the future state of the saga, and the crew going to space.

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"If we earn the right to make another movie, it's our job to challenge ourselves and really push the envelope," said Lin. "When I left I thought I was done for good, but at airports fans would just stop me to talk about characters. I was experiencing it from a very different point of view."

Lin even notes that when he was working on Star Trek, Vin Diesel would call him to talk about Toretto, "for two hours! Even though I was gone, I realize now that I wasn't fully gone," said Lin.

Some of Lin's favorite sequences were from Tokyo Drift, and here he credited his crew for being able to pull off super complicated tricks. He also loved the vault chase scene from Fast Five. They were going to do it using CGI, but instead built a mock safe to see what it would look like in real life.

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"Why don't we just build a metal frame," Lin told the crew, "and hook it to two cars. We just dragged this metal box and it was taking out sidewalks, and taking out cement blocks, and I though this is something that CGI can never replicate. There's a visceral connection, an emotional connection to the action, and that really set the ingredients into how we approach these action sequences."

Justin continues on about the films and what we might expect in the future, including space, which we might get in Fast 9 considering the scene with Ludacris and Tyrese in the Fiero rocket.

Fast 9 will hit the big screens in the US on June 25.

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