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"Fast and Furious 7" On Hold Indefinitely

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The future of the franchise is in serious doubt.

The tragic death of Paul Walker is still a shock for friends, family and fans alike. Walker, who was on Thanksgiving hiatus from filming the latest installment of the "Fast and Furious" franchise, was killed last Saturday in a car accident in Valencia, California. While investigators are still working to determine the exact nature of the deadly accident, past rumors such as street racing have already been ruled out. At the same time, Universal Studios had been scrambling to figure out how to proceed in the wake of their star's death.

Only a few days ago was it reported that filming will continue, but now that appears to have changed. The studio has now pulled the plug on production indefinitely. In the meantime, this wonderful video tribute to Paul Walker has ben released, asking fans to donate to his charity, Reach Out Worldwide.

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